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Information Communication Technology


Internet Safety is paramount to the school, keeping your child's information safe and protecting children from harm. Cyber security should be seen as more than ‘just an IT issue’ and is treated as a risk for the whole community.  Redoubt North subscribes to the N4L filtering programme through the Ministry of Education and students are made responsible for their own digital safety, being required to sign a declaration on enrolment.

All classes have their iPads and classes are able to make full use of the internet.  Both pupils and teachers have access to a wide range of equipment, namely iPads, computers, scanners, video equipment, cameras and other audio visual equipment.

To encourage pupils to increase their research skills, iPads are available for every child in class on a daily basis.  Classrooms have access to as many as are required, that are networked with access to the internet.  To ensure that staff keeps up to date with ICT technology, on-going in-service courses are held for staff members.

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