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School Code


Redoubt North Primary is a friendly, helpful and caring school. 


The programme design and emphasis are on appropriate learning for all children. A school can only operate efficiently and happily at this level with the co-operation of all children and families. The Redoubt North Primary School Code has been developed to promote this co-operation and to provide children with clear expectations of acceptable standards of behaviour. Parents/Legal Guardians are expected to support this.


Pupils and Parents/Guardian/Caregivers:


We undertake a commitment to having our children:


  • arrive ready to start school every day by 8.55 am

  • wear the correct school uniform

  • provided with stationery supplies, as required

  • complete any homework including reading

  • abide by school rules.

  • He / She / They will not say or do anything which annoys or upsets any staff or pupils and:

  • A family member will visit school if required by the staff because of poor behaviour to help decide appropriate action

  • Parents will contribute to educational visits and visitors as per the letter signed on entry to school


  1. Children are expected to display self discipline, common sense and a respect for the rights of others.

  2. Children are expected to attend regularly and be on time for all school activities.

  3. Children are expected to give of their best in all school activities.

  4. Children are expected to be courteous and sensible at all times. They are expected to allow others to learn without interruption.

  5. Children are expected to be sensitive to the feelings of others and to display tolerance of difference including gender, race, culture, religion and ability.

  6. Assault, violence, physical abuse, verbal abuse, bullying, social, religious, physical, intellectual, cultural, age, gender harassment and foul language are considered anti-social and unacceptable forms of behaviour.

  7. Children are expected to be honest. Property and possessions belonging to others will be left alone.

  8. Children are expected to contribute to keeping the school clean, safe and an attractive environment and to treat school property with care and respect.

  9. Vandalism and graffiti are considered anti-social and unacceptable forms of behaviour, and for negligent or deliberately damaged school property students/parents/caregivers can expect to be asked to make an appropriate reimbursement.  When a student leaves the school, all property belonging to the school is to be returned and any outstanding accounts are paid in full.

  10. Cigarettes, vapes, matches and other dangerous goods, substances and instruments are not permitted at Redoubt North School.

  11. As per the new legislation, implemented April 29th 2024, cellphones are not permitted at Redoubt North School.  If your child must bring a cellphone to school, for example if they are catching public transport to and from school, the cellphone must be handed in to the office before 9am and collected by student after 3pm.  Cellphones are not permitted for any other reason.  This is to ensure children's learning is not interrupted and protection of privacy from Social Media. 

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