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The aim of homework is to provide further opportunities to consolidate skills and understandings already initiated in classroom programmes. Each teacher can tell you about the requirements for their class.


In the junior classes each child will bring home a reading book daily which, on most occasions will have been read at school. These books will be at least one level below their instructional reading ages at school. Some children like to take home favourite and familiar books, so do not be concerned if the same books come home several times. Encourage your child to talk about the story and read to you every night—the more practice the better.


As children get older, tasks will be included to ensure that they extend their word knowledge; reinforce their understanding and manipulation of Maths basic facts; develop an awareness of current issues and events; and use simple research procedures and improve their presentation skills. Parents/Legal Guardians are asked to support their child by ensuring completion of all homework and signing the appropriate forms.

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