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Redoubt North Primary School provides a school lunch scheme.

Redoubt North is part of the Governments initiative to provide Free School lunches.  This means your child will receive a free lunch of either a meal or sandwiches plus a snack daily.  The menu changes daily and caters for children with special dietary needs.

To access the free lunch, parents/caregivers will need to complete the permission form and state any allergies/food requirements. 


The school also operates (through the same lunch provider) a canteen which is open before school and at morning tea break.

Our school promotes healthy eating so no takeaway foods or fizzy drinks etc. are allowed at school.


We are a WATER ONLY school and ask that parents provide a named drink bottle. Water fountains are available throughout the school.   Please note we do not permit glass bottles at school for safety reasons.

As so many children are identified as having food allergies, children are not allowed to bring or eat a shared lunch.  We realise that many families like to share, particularly celebrations.  However, in the interest of all children's health and safety we ask that you only provide food for your child.

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