Redoubt North Primary School provides a school lunch scheme.

Children may order and purchase their lunches before school begins. A monitor from each Pod collects the lunches and the teacher distributes them to the children.


  • Every endeavour is made to keep prices to a minimum.

  • The lunch break is between 12.00 and 12.45 pm. 

  • A current Canteen list is available at the school office


We ask that Parents/Legal Guardians do not bring takeaway lunches such as Fish and Chips, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried to their child/ren at school. Healthy lunches are recommended to support our healthy eating program. Ice blocks, fizzy drinks and sweets/lollies are not permitted at school. Shared food, ie birthday cake, lollies or shared treats are not permitted at school under any circumstances. This is due to the high number of children with food allergies, and it is also a health and safety issue. 


Redoubt North is a 'Water Only' school. Children will therefore not be allowed to drink any of the following on school grounds or activities unless required for Medical reasons:

· Fizzy Drinks

· Fruit juice

· Cordials

· Sports drinks ie. Powerade, Gatorade etc.

· Energy drinks ie. V, Red Bull etc. 

· Flavoured water


It is simply “Water Only”.


As a safety precaution we do not permit glass bottles at school. 


Children will be required to take all lunch box contents home for parents to monitor uneaten food/rubbish.

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