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General Information


Absence of Pupils


Parents/Legal Guardians are required to inform the school office - (09) 263 9060 if their child is going to be absent from school.  Alternatively, the Schoolstream App has that facility to report an absence also. 

  • Children arriving after the 9am bell need to collect a late note slip from the office which they then hand to their class teacher.

  • Children are only allowed to leave school early through special circumstances with a parent.  

  • Parents must collect a release slip from the office which will be signed by the Office Manager or Principal.  This must then be presented to the child’s class teacher.

  • Children who are persistently absent will be reported to a Truancy Agency.


Behaviour Management


Children are expected to behave in an honest, courteous way showing respect to others. The school has a Code of Conduct which parents and pupils are expected to abide by.


Child Welfare


If home circumstances change regarding custody of your child/ren, please notify the school immediately to ensure their safety.


Emergency-Illness / Accident / Injury


  • Parents/Legal Guardians are asked to note major health problems, allergies, medication and physical difficulties on the Enrolment Form.

  • Contact, emergency contact numbers should also be noted on the Enrolment Form. 

  • Should any details change, Parents/Legal Guardians are asked to inform the school immediately.

  • Written permission from Parents/Legal Guardians is required for the school to administer asthma medication.

  • No other medication ie: panodol/antibiotics will be administered by staff.

  • Students unwell or injured are taken to a Medical Room.

  • Minor injuries are treated by the First Aid trained Administration/Support staff.

  • If necessary students rest/recuperate in the Medical room.

  • In the case of serious accident or injury the attending staff member will make the patient comfortable and render first aid.

  • An ambulance will be requested and parents/caregivers will be contacted at the earliest opportunity.

  • Unwell or injured students will not be sent home without a Parent/Legal Guardian.

  • Children will not be permitted to give themselves first aid treatment or medications.

  • Parent/Legal Guardians are asked not to send children who are unwell to school.


Health Nurse Referrals


The school Health Nurse visits the school and will address any child health concerns. All New Entrant children undergo a hearing and vision test during their first year.

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