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Guiding Principles

The following headings articulate the core beliefs embraced by Redoubt North Primary School. Statements that fall under these headings give meaning to what we consider to be an ACE school.


This is made possible by:


  • Encouraging goal setting

  • Providing an environment where risk taking is encouraged

  • Challenging students to achieve personal standards of excellence

  • Setting high standards and expectations

  • Understanding and respecting the achievements of others

  • Promoting a sense of good citizenship

  • Encouraging respect and care of the environment




This is made possible by:


  • Implementing effective literacy programmes that are reviewed constantly to meet individual needs

  • Giving opportunities for students to express themselves in a variety of ways to a range of audiences

  • Communicating effectively with parents and the community

  • Enhancing learning through the use of information, communication and technology.





This is made possible by:


  • Valuing and accepting individual differences with mutual respect

  • Providing opportunities for personal growth, building on staff and student strengths

  • Enhancing self esteem, self awareness, self discipline and self confidence

  • Providing a safe physical and emotional environment

  • Allowing student decision-making so that the skills of living in a democracy are valued

  • Encouraging student curiosity, at the same time equipping students with knowledge and skills needed for successful lifelong learning

  • Developing a sense of humility, courage and respect

  • Developing identity and self worth of the heritage and cultures of one another.


By implementing a thinking skills programme, students are empowered to think of future possibilities and problem solve. They are required to communicate their ideas and are motivated to apply thinking skills to all aspects of their lives. Aspirations can be reached through goal setting and by reflecting on personal thinking.


Redoubt North Primary School is committed to developing well rounded students, intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and morally.

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